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Top VA Loan Questions from Your Military Buyers

Every week, the Veterans United Network fields hundreds of VA loan questions. Potential buyers reach out to us via Twitter, Facebook, email or phone for answers and information.

Want to see the VA loan process from the eyes of your potential buyers? Check out this summary of some of the most common VA loan questions we see from borrowers.

Q: How do I deal with bad credit?

A: Bad credit is a common challenge. In order to prequalify for VA financing, military homebuyers must have an acceptable credit score, typically 620 or higher. This minimum can be a stretch for those with a past bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Veterans United Home Loans works closely with credit-challenged military buyers. Rather than dismissing applicants with low credit scores, Veterans United partners with these potential borrowers to help bring credit scores up to par. The Veterans United Lighthouse Program provides free, in-depth home loan consultation services for service members and helps borrowers meet VA loan criteria. We welcome your client referrals! Contact Lighthouse at 888-392-7421 or

Q: What if my spouse has bad credit?

A: All VA loan borrowers and co-borrowers will be under close scrutiny by a lender. Credit scores for both applicants have to measure up to the minimum credit score requirement established by the lender. It may be advisable for a potential buyer to obtain a loan without a co-borrower, provided the solo borrower can afford the mortgage payments and meet all criteria.

Q: How do I start the VA loan process?

A: Preapproval is the best way to get the VA financing process underway. Veterans United is the nation’s largest dedicated VA lender. Buyers can get a free, no-obligation assessment of their eligibility for the VA loan program by contacting Veterans United via the site or at 855-870-8845.

Q: What can I buy with a VA loan?

A: VA loans can only be used to finance primary residences. Vacant land and commercial properties are ineligible. It’s possible to finance new construction with a VA loan, but only through certain lenders.

Q: What are current VA loan rates?

A: It’s not uncommon for VA loan interest rates to be lower than conventional loan rates. But as with any loan, the interest rate on a VA loan will shift with the market. Borrowers can get a sense of VA rates during the preapproval process.

Q: Can I buy a mobile home with a VA loan?

A: Mobile homes can be purchased with VA loans. But buyers need to be prepared for challenges when considering a mobile home purchase. These homes must meet strict criteria to garner approval, and finding a lender for a manufactured home purchase can be tough. Some lenders shy away from issuing loans on manufactured homes, and some will flat out refuse. Veterans United does make VA loans for manufactured housing.